Journal Articles

  • An article co-authored by Dr. Chetan S. Sankar and Dr. Barry A. Cumbie was published in the journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management September 2010 issue. The article explores the application of Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT) to the adoption of disaster-related preventative measures from a community perspective.
  • Cumbie, B. and Sankar, C.S. (2010). “A Study of Adoption of IT Disaster Recovery Methods by Coastal Communities”, -, 18(3): 155-164, Sept. 2010.
  • Cumbie, B, Cegielski, C., and Sankar, C.S., (2009). “An Exploratory Delphi Study Among Small Business Executives on Adoption of Disaster Recovery Practices”, Journal of Information System Security, 5(1): 61-87.
  • Rigsby, D, and Donaldson, M (2012). “Damage Control: Geospatial Mapping of Infrastructure Elements Essential for Effective Disaster Recovery,” ArcNews, Spring 2012.

Conference Proceedings

  • Cumbie, B., Sankar, C.S., and Raju, P.K. (2008). “The Role of IT-Related Disaster Recovery in Expediting the Recovery from Hurricanes in Tourist-based Coastal Communities”, Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Conference ,June 2008.


  • “Helping Build a Disaster Resilient Alabama Coastal Economy Using Geospatial Mapping,” Budget: $579,220, Awarded: Sept. 2009, 2 year duration – Economic Development Administration
  • Digital Signage in Bayou La Batre