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GRAC can bring government and private entities together for a greater good. Members of the GRAC team have applied for grants from the National Science Foundation and many other institutions, and earned one from the Economic Development Administration. State and federal representatives are welcome to work with us!


GRAC wants to build strong long-lasting partnerships with companies inside relevant industries. We would be delighted to work with anyone with a desire to work together. In the past, GRAC has worked with Berntsen International, Century Link, Riviera Utilities, Orange Beach Water Authority, Gulf Shores Utilities, and the Dauphin Island Water and Sewer Authority. Your company can be next!


If you work for a community and the work of GRAC can be of use to you, contact us! GRAC wants to assist communities in any way possible. We have experience working with local governments and town leaders. In the past, GRAC has worked with Orange Beach, Dauphin Island, Bayou La Batre, and Gulf Shores.


GRAC began in an academic setting, with faculty and students from Auburn University functioning as the creative engine and implementation mechanism. The team has received awards, written academic literature about projects, and applied for grants along the way. GRAC is always interested in forming new mutually beneficial partnerships with other universities and those in academia.